Roasted Cauliflower w/ Dates and Lentils

 A fiesta for the tastebuds, this salad is like… Marriage material! 
 {A Green Kitchen Stories creation of Roasted Cauliflower • Beluga Lentils • Fresh Dates • Roasted Almonds and Baby Spinach in a Creamy Tahini dressing}

For recipe + instructions click here. 

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A Blueberry Love story.


At home fostering my cold with this breakfast consisting of my latest obsession, being the combination of mum’s Blueberry jam, Oatly's Oatghurt, Banana slices and Buckwheat Muesli. Also featuring some Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and a bunch of GIRLS episodes.
Perhaps one ought to be ill more often
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Introducting the HAPPY HIPPIE.

 While I lived in Melbourne I used to volunteer at this magical place called Lentil As Anything. There, some genius barista had invented a beverage that wasn’t on the official menu but was a common order amongst us volunteers. See, it’s sort of a Centaur - half a Chai and half a Hot Chocolate. Let’s just say it’s been titled the ‘Happy Hippie’ for a reason. So using a vegan healthy chai milk recipe with some leftover Oatly chocolate milk from this weekends roadtrip - I created my own version this afternoon. Holy yum! 
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