We made it safe and sound to Aberdeen! (Although it was a bloody long journey - 16 hours in total travelling from Bath, I still feel a wee jet-lagged although I've just moved within GMT) The flat is currently ours alone, which feels very nice after spending the summer with constant do's and don'ts from our former house mates (who tended to leave piles of dishes covering the kitchen counter, not to mention used sanitary pads on the bathroom floor. Like don't throw stones when you're sat in a glasshouse, dear.) - But here on Hutcheon Street it's so tidy and IKEA-fresh, I feel we're staying in a hotel than a home. Hopefully that feeling will wear off soonish.
This beauty decorates our stairwell.
Rain! In Scotland! 
Charles and Diana hanging out in the Bathroom, keeping track of my make-up brushes.
I have my courses and timetable set for the upcoming year, it will be a mix of Art History, French and Sociology. After the first encounter with most of the College of Art's lecturers this afternoon, I feel like it is Hogwarts I will attend. They were like a bunch of Professor McGonagall's presenting different topics. Or possibly a bunch of Hagrids, considering the accent. On the bottomline, I am so excited for the lectures to start next week! 
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