Creamy Zucchini Dip (Vegan)

Our tenants are growing some seriously massive Zucchinis in our garden. Massive in terms you'd think these plants are on steroids. (I told them this, as a joke, when they were kind enough to bring some over. Joke not appreciated. My Inner Comedian - take a seat.) So instead of letting this Schwarzenegger of a eggplant occupy half the kitchen bench - I decided to make some Zucchini Dip from the goodness. 
I basically just sliced the Zucchini up in generous pieces and baked it in the oven, sprinkled with some olive oil, for an hour on 200° celsius. I also put some garlic cloves wrapped in foil in there. 
In the mean time, I roasted a handful of sunflower kernels and sliced some sundried tomatoes. Once the eggplant was cooled off, I mixed everythingin the blender until the consistensy looked smooth enough. (*Everything being, apart from what is mentioned above, some tablespoons of Tahini, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil, Chili Flakes, Ground Cummin, Salt and Pepper to taste.) 
Now the only problem is - I still have like half the zucchini left...
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