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I had a load of fun doing a September rearview, so here goes October 2010-2015.

2010: Started hanging out with Maria Heidi and Sofia as they had fake-IDs. (Haha, I know, what great aspect to build a friendship upon.) After Halloween we started going out just about every weekend; every Monday planning where to go next time. Oh, that excitement of being 17.
2011: I went to Helsinki! Or Hell's sink, as I may have rebaptized it. To be with my soumi sweethearts, drink mojitos and go to the "Skins party"; we were hardcore fans obviously. The actor who plays Thomas in generation 2 was there, and we all pulled the same "Hello, I'm *inserts own name instead of Thomas*. So glad to meet you"-line greeting him.
2012: Gotta love the autumn breaks. (Won't get a proper one this year so a little nostalgic </3) 2012 I went to Norway. Spending the weekend with Juni and Sarra in a cabin in the mountains, then a few days with Ida and Emelie who had imigrated to Oslo for the time.
2013: First time in Chiang Mai (and the north of Thailand) and I fell head over heels. (While Elme fell off a scooter.) We spent time in Pai, took the slow boat down the Mekong river and explored beautiful Laos.
2014: Back in Sweden. Worked at my old job once again, spent time catching up with old friends and cooking for ma and pa.These photos are lost in the computer that won't charge though </3
2015: Present day! I'm sat drinking microwaved coffee; writing this post rather than writing on school work. Vive le week-end!
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Life is better at the Beach.

As the final days of my cycle approaches, I tend to feel very disoriented; asking J twenty times a day why we are together, doubt whether I should've even entered higher education to begin with and cry of dogs being kept on leash. Sitting in a university library is the last thing I want to do during this week-or-so of dysphoria.
       So come Friday afternoon, I packed camera, chocolate-provisions and boyfriend for a walk along the sea. Nothing calms the mind like salty air and crashing waves. 

By the east end of the harbour we stumbled upon Footdee, or "Fittie", an old fishing village. A very intriguing place indeed, with its many sheds and strange(st) combinations of bric-a-brac.
The whole atmosphere was so calm and quiet. A group of elderly sat outside in the sun, chatting away and greeting all the surpassers in their thick accents. A massive dog ambling around the lanes. The hectic Friday afternoon going on in the rest of Granite city couldn't seem to reach us here.
Killer combo to the left, ey? So this is what happens to Scandinavian caution signs.
Could stand watch this forever <3 
On our way back home I had to sneak a photo of this man doing his crossword puzzle at one of the seaside cafés. 
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